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Environmental Stewardship Council

The Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association formed the Environmental Stewardship Council (ESC) to develop voluntary standards and principles as guidelines for responsible stewardship of the non-coal resources of the State of Indiana.

As a condition of membership in the Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association, aggregate companies are required to participate in the Environmental Stewardship Council (ESC) and adhere to the Guiding Principles.  The ESC will also accept non IMAA affiliated (non-coal) mining companies into the program.

The Guiding Principles comprise a series of recommended practices and guidelines designed to assist Indiana industrial mineral producers to properly manage the environmental and social impacts of mineral extraction. The guidelines are comprehensive, practical, and scientifically sound. These guidelines can also serve as an information source for interacting with the public on issues concerning zoning and land use.

The Environmental Stewardship Council seeks to build consensus regarding reclamation of land    affected by extraction of aggregates by engaging in the following activities:

  • Promote the principles of land reclamation and beautification through education.
  • Technical support to the member companies of the ESC.
  • Comprehensive design planning for reclamation using sound engineering and scientific principles.
  • Interaction with local and state officials to promote self regulation of the aggregate industry in Indiana.
  • Recognize outstanding accomplishments of participating ESC member companies.

The Environmental Stewardship Council is governed by a Board of Directors representing 13 IMAA member companies of various sizes.


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