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Trucker of the Year

Trucker of the Year Program

The Trucker of the Year Award is presented annually by the Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association to recognize outstanding service to the aggregates industry by a driver for an aggregate trucking company. As a respected and responsible leader in the trucking industry, this individual's achievements in customer service, driving safety, vehicle maintenance and community involvement deserve special recognition. Truckers nominated for this award exemplify the very best in their profession.

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Current Trucker Award Winners:

(presented at following year workshop)

1993 None

1994 None

1995 Rodney Ehrhart, Bagshaw Trucking Inc.

1996 James Noble, Habig Trucking & Excavating Inc.

1996 George Turner, Riverton Truckers, Inc.

1997 None

1998 Marvin Phenix, Indian Trucking Co.

1999 None

2000 Kevin Davis, D & B Trucking

2001 Dick Salesman, Salesman & Sons Trucking

2002 Terry Blair, Champion Trucking

2003 Jim Clark, Bishop Trucking

2004 None

2005 Allen Thewes, Materials Transport, Inc.

2006 Herman Peters, Materials Transport, Inc.

2007 David R. Wahman, Roman Nobbe, Inc.

2008 Darrell Campbell, Materials Transport, Inc.

2009 Ted Kaehr, Kaehr Excavating, Inc. (retired)

2010 Gerald Martens, Martens Trucking

2011 John Paul Fullhart, JP Fullhart Trucking

2012 Gene Stoppenhagen, Habig Trucking & Excavating

2012 Billy Combs, Materials Transport, Inc.


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